Lease Negotiation and Review

Lease negotiation is both an art and a science.  We assist our clients negotiate a wide range of leasing transactions, inclusive of new leases, agreement to lease, lease renewals, assignment of lease, sublease or surrender of lease.  We utilise our industry network, market intelligence and top-tier negotiation skills to deliver you a seamless lease transaction on commercially beneficial terms.

Before Liberty Leasing was founded, we spent over a decade representing major national Landlords and negotiated thousands of leasing transactions. This experience provides us with an unparalleled insight into what we can achieve for Tenants during a lease negotiation.

Engaging us as your independent lease negotiator protects your relationship with the Landlord, which is intrinsically valuable.  It ensures that the transaction is kept at an arms-length – free of tension and debate.

When we act for you, we are also correcting the power imbalance between Landlords and Tenants. Business owners, particularly small business owners, can feel pressured to accept a Landlord’s position in order to build or maintain the relationship. This doesn’t result in a fair deal. Let us restore the balance of power.

Lease reviews

You can protect your business by ensuring that you know your rights and responsibilities under your lease, a document which can be overwhelming lengthily and complex.  We carry out a comprehensive review of your agreement for lease and/or lease and prepare a critical lease summary. Having such a lease summary is instrumental in being able to effectively manage your lease during the term.  Our summary sets out key obligations and timeframes such as option dates, maintenance obligations, insurance requirements and restrictions surrounding change of control.  Ensuring that you are well-informed on your rights and responsibilities is basic risk management and vital to your business success.

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