Leasing Disputes

Leasing disputes inevitably arise between Tenants and Landlords over the term.  Landlords carry out centre development works, roofs sometimes leak and critical building plant can break down.  These scenarios are all catalysts for a tenancy dispute. The Tenant/Landlord relationship is an important one for your business though.  These relationships are going to fair fare better through non-litigious avenues. We remove emotion from the situation.  We evaluate methods of resolution objectively and, as your commercial Tenant advocate, strategically negotiate a solution.  Liberty Leasing are experienced in both commercial and retail disputes. Our experience and knowledge means that we can assist in resolving disputes related to:

  • Landlord consent
  • Make-good obligations
  • Default
  • Structural issues
  • Water leaks and associated damage
  • Relocation or demolition of a retail shop
  • Business interruption

We can also be your authorised representative at the Queensland and New South Wales Civil and Administrative Tribunal (QCAT/NCAT).


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