Leasing Disputes

Leasing disputes inevitably arise between Tenants and Landlords.  For example: Landlords carry out centre development works which impact sales, sometimes roofs leak and critical building plant can break down leaving you taking the stairs instead of the elevator (bright side: can skip leg day).

These scenarios are all catalysts for a leasing dispute. However, the Tenant/Landlord relationship is an important one for your business – so put your  shield up and safeguard it.  That is to say, that the relationship is going to fair fare better through non-litigious avenues. At Liberty Leasing we remove emotion from the situation. With this objective, our Tenant Representatives impartially evaluate methods of resolution and, as your commercial Tenant advocate, strategically negotiate a beneficial solution.

What kind of leasing disputes can we help resolve?

We are experienced in both commercial and retail disputes which are governed by the retail legislation. Our knowledge and experience means that we can assist in resolving disputes related to:

  • Rent
  • Landlord consent
  • Make-good obligations
  • Default
  • Structural issues
  • Water leaks and associated damage
  • Relocation or demolition of a retail shop
  • Business interruption

We may also be engaged to appear as your authorised representative at the Queensland and New South Wales Civil and Administrative Tribunal (QCAT/NCAT). Get in touch with us to determine whether this is an option available to you.

Our results? The proof is in the pudding

We have resolved plenty of leasing disputes at the commercial level, avoiding unnecessary legal action and protecting the relationship between Landlord and Tenant.

Case Study One: Our client was a retail tenant suffering from water ingress into the premises, which affected trade. However, because the water leaks had started early in the 5 year lease term it was difficult to quantify the potential loss. Nonetheless, we secured an early end to the lease and a compensation payment.

Case Study Two: A leasing dispute arose between the parties regarding the market rent review. Our client believed the review proposed by the Landlord was much higher than the market determined. An independent valuer was appointed and we made comprehensive submissions on our client’s behalf. Those submissions resulted in the valuer making a much lower market rent than initially provided by the Landlord.


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