Metro Melbourne: When can your business re-open?

On Sunday, 6 September 2020 Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews announced the blue print for Victoria’s roadmap out of lockdown. Here we breakdown the categories of Metro Melbourne businesses and retailers that can re-open, when they can re-open and how they can re-open.

Hairdressers: Permitted to open on a restricted basis on 26 October 2020.  A return to usual operations on 23 November 2020, subject to a COVIDSafe Plan.

Beauty Services: 23 November 2020, subject to a CovidSafe Plan

Hospitality: Restricted opening on 26 October 2020, with a focus on outdoor dining and density. Indoor dining, with patron cap, permitted on and from 23 November 2020.

Offices / professional services: Restricted access to offices will commence on 23 November 2020, however employees must continue to work from home and/or be limited to a single site where practicable.

Retail (general): Permitted to open to the public on a restricted basis from 26 October 2020. Restrictions include certain density limits and cleaning requirements. The permitted retail traders arrangement remains unchanged.

Manufacturing: The restrictions on manufacturing will slightly soften on 28 September 2020. However, the industry won’t see a return to normal operations until 26 October 2020.

Gyms & other fitness studios: From 26 October 2020, indoor recreation facilities can operate on a heavily restricted basis. From 23 November 2020 these facilities will move to a restricted category and otherwise only be operating ‘as usual’ once the State has reached a ‘COVID normal’.

Real Estate services: From 26 October 2020 some activities will be permitted, such as outdoor auctions and private inspections.

Construction: 26 October 2020, subject to COVIDSafe Plan.

Once the Victoria Government announces its transition into the stage called ‘COVID normal’ (or the ‘last stage’), all businesses will be required to have – you guessed it – a COVIDSafe Plan in order to operate. If you’ve not done so already, it’s imperative you commence this process now as it can take time to implement the necessary technology infrastructure to reach compliance.

Here you can access the comprehensive business restriction levels issued by the Victorian government.

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