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How to approach your Landlord for rent relief during COVID19

It has become evident that the Australian Government is expecting extraordinary collaboration between Landlords and Tenants during this time, primarily in respect of rent relief. A failure to exercise such collaboration will mean legislative interference, to the extent that is possib

How is the coronavirus impacting retailers?

We are starting to be able to anticipate the impact that the coronavirus (or COVID-19) will have on retailers. For some retailers, they’ve been given a big payday. Sorbent and Kleenex – we’re looking at you! However for others it’s getting pretty close to doom

What is Tenant Representation?

Having Tenant Representation means that you acquire an independent third party to advocate for your best interests within the realms of a leasing transaction. It also means that you engage an expert to carry out a task that can be quite foreign to most CEO’s, Directors and Operatio

A glossary of key lease terms

At Liberty Leasing we regularly post literature designed to empower and educate Tenants about commercial and retail leasing.  Sometimes those articles can assume a significant level of base knowledge.  So we wanted to create something solely for our first-time retailers! We have pr

Top 5 mistakes Tenants make when selecting a retail site

Selecting a new retail site is an exciting time. It’s either the start of a new adventure or a deserved expansion opportunity. If you are going through the site acquisition process alone, then you want to be mindful of some common pitfalls. Tenant Representatives regularly encounte

10 helpful hints for a retail lease negotiation

Once you have gone through the site selection process you will need to commence discussions (or retail lease negotiation) regarding the overall structure of the deal and some of the key terms. Retail lease negotiation is both an art and a science. The desired outcomes and where you c

Commercial lease about to expire? We outline your next steps

We have said it once; we have said it twice: Tenants put themselves at significant financial risk if they don’t give their business enough time to prepare for a commercial lease expiry date. This article provides you with user-friendly advice on preparing for that inevitable co

Site Acquisition: How to conduct a commercial property inspection

When you are looking to rent a commercial office space you inevitably need to carry out multiple site inspections. This article prepared by our site acquisition specialist provides tips on how to prepare for a commercial property inspection. Liberty Leasing consistently seek to provi

Assigning your lease: A how to guide

If you are considering assigning your lease, it’s generally for one of two reasons: you are selling your business, which operates from the premises that you are leasing; or you are developing an early exit strategy from your lease and you have found a party who will take on the exi

Checklist for entering into a commercial lease

Prior to entering into a commercial lease, there are a several of points for consideration. Ensuring that you have considered the items on this checklist are part of basic risk management. Namely: are premises are suitable for the proposed permitted use; are local laws and council re

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