Having a space which is both impressive and representative of your business values and culture promotes staff retention, increases brand awareness, improves marketability and operational productivity. Investing the time in finding the perfect location, with the right amenities and an innovative fitout pays dividends.

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Lease Review and

Lease negotiation is both an art and a science.  We assist our clients negotiate a wide range of leasing transactions including new leases, agreement to lease, lease renewals, assignment of lease, sublease or surrender of lease.

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Early Exit

Whether you have a commercial office lease, retail lease or industrial lease certain events can occur which ultimately results in a need to end your lease prior to the expiry date.  An early lease termination carries a significant financial risk and has the potential to damage your reputation.  Our job is to eliminate that risk.

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Lease Renewal vs
New Location

As your lease expiry date approaches you’ll be considering your next move.  Perhaps your business is outgrowing your current space, you’re considering relocating to a different location or you are hoping to renegotiate the terms of your lease at your existing location. We carry out the market research, negotiate with landlords and agents and present you with a comparison analysis so that you know your options.

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Disputes inevitably arise between Tenants and Landlords over the term of a lease.   Landlords carry out centre developments, roofs sometimes leak and critical building plant can break down.  The Tenant/Landlord relationship is an important one for your business though and you should protect it.  These relationships are going to fare better through non-litigious avenues. We remove emotion from the situation.  We evaluate methods of resolution objectively and, as your commercial Tenant advocate, strategically negotiate a solution.

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