Site Selection

Your business deserves a space which:
  • caters to the needs of the business and its people;
  • has an impressive fitout, vibe and overall building facilities; and
  • represents your business values and culture.

As an added bonus it will promote staff retention, increase brand awareness, improve marketability and raise operational productivity.  Investing the time in finding the perfect location, with the right amenities and an innovative fitout truly pays dividends.

What do we do and how do we do it? 

We’re a Tenant Representation firm, inclusive of a site selection specialist, who finds the ideal space for your commercial, retail or industrial business. To achieve this we collaborate with you to define your needs and then, leveraging off our industry connections, take a brief out to the market.

Once we’ve made a shortlist of potential properties, we carry-out detailed site inspections and negotiate the commercial terms. We negotiate critical items – from rent and incentives to fitout requirements, insurance and end of lease obligations. Our Tenant Representative will then carry out an analysis and present your business with the best options.

Once you’ve made a decision, we close the deal on the commercial terms. At Liberty Leasing your interests are protected. Part of protecting these interests is to ensure that we make certain that the final Heads of Agreement accurately and comprehensively reflects the commercial deal.  We create certainty surrounding the key commercial terms which simplifies the formal Lease negotiations – inevitably saving you more money.

Site Selection
Multiple Site Locations

Our Tenant Representatives are also experienced in procuring multiple site leases containing terms and conditions acceptable to a particular franchise model. When working with our Franchisor clients, we have an additional focus on creating uniformity and increasing opportunities within individual franchise territories.

As part of our the process, our site selection specialist will consider and implement the overall property strategy for your business. Let the choices you make now put your business in the best possible position for growth and long-term success.


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